Ball by 3Dimka

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Stereogram by 3Dimka: Ball. Tags: sphere, ball, figure, transparency, hidden 3D picture (SIRDS)
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*This stereogram is a courtesy of 3Dimka. You may not use this image without owner's permission.
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1.Beautiful sphere!
by Agoga on 2009-05-09 10:12:07

2.Very cool!
by ss on 2009-06-27 09:55:47 a great sphere :D
by Luis on 2009-07-28 01:25:38

4.i finally did it!
by anna on 2010-02-22 07:18:52

5.Is it just me or does that sphere look transparent?
by Anon on 2010-05-26 05:08:39

6.It does look transparent to me too. I think it is done on purpose you can see the front an the back of it. I thought it would then work crossed eyed too but if you cross your eyes the two halves look back to back. br Great illusion ! I had never seen transparent stereograms before !
by Loonie on 2010-06-18 05:48:11

7.this one is not to cool its simple
by noor on 2010-08-03 07:43:48

8.WOW!! two stereograms in one picture really good. br I had never seen this stereograms before.
by JulianColombia on 2010-09-16 20:54:28\ s see through i like it simple and good
by Loop on 2010-12-28 07:37:44

by Piffa on 2011-03-27 07:27:52

by zeev on 2011-03-29 09:56:19

12.besides a sphere i saw some words like CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN...(dunno)
by oly on 2011-04-16 09:44:54

by hawk on 2011-07-25 05:24:21

14.magical sphere.. ^^
by Wind on 2011-11-19 08:31:01

15.Now i hv trouble reading all these comments.. my vision is blurred now.. but i can clearly see the hidden pictures in the streogram.. xD
by Wind on 2011-11-19 08:32:05

16.Is very nice a transparent it
by anonimous on 2011-11-28 20:12:23

17.nice clean tranSparent.Before i can not See. wow!! and dunno
by ?? on 2012-02-23 18:52:37 should try to get more artistic people in this website is a shame no many used in a good way
by cocon on 2012-02-23 19:05:53

by noel on 2012-02-24 00:18:12

by Marcus Soo on 2012-02-28 07:56:54

21.这 是 最 神 奇 的 一 张 不 是 吗
by 玮 玮 on 2014-05-30 08:57:20

22.It s cool how light lines form the front hemisphere and mozaic forms the back one.
by Paul on 2018-09-15 06:54:41

23.It s only half of a sphere. The back half is missing.
by Bob on 2018-11-05 10:17:53

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