Stereogram Lab Filter v1.0

for Adobe Photoshop (Windows). FREE!
Stereogram Lab Filter is a stereogram maker plug-in, which allows to generate Hidden Image Stereograms right in your Photoshop, which is quite convenient. This filter is free and you can use it both for commercial and non-commercial purposes, however, distributing the filter itself is not allowed.

Stereogram filter is developed in Filter Meister Plug-in creator.

Stereogram Lab Filter v1.0

Click here to download zip file - [DOWNLOAD]

1. Download zip file (the link is above)
2. Unzip to Photoshop Plug-in folder, for example C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 6.0\Plug-Ins
3. Start Photoshop. You should see Stereogram Lab submenu in Photoshop`s Filter menu

Using Stereogram Lab Filter:

1. Open Texture map in Photoshop or select it if it's opened already.

2. Click Menu -> Filter -> Stereogram Lab -> Set Texture. Then Click [OK] button in the dialog window:

Stereogram Lab Filter Set Texture

3. Open Depth map or select it if it's opened already.

4. Click Menu -> Filter -> Stereogram Lab -> Hidden Image Stereogram. A dialog window with stereogram settings and preview will open:

Stereogram Lab Filter Render Dialog

5. Adjust Rendering settings as desired, live preview will show how the stereogram will look.
Repeats - number of texture tiles for background (black color in depthmap)
Depth % - Level of third dimension in 1-100%
Oversampling - antialias/smoothing quality level.
Start % - Horizontal Position where rendering starts. 0-left side, 100%-right side, 50% - middle

6. Click [OK] button when preview looks good and Hidden Image Stereogram will be rendered over your Depthmap.

It appears that plug-in doesn't work in Windows 64. Also there are access issues when setting texture, so make sure the user logged in with has enough priviliges to write into Photoshop plug-in folder.

Recommended alternative software
Stereogram Lab Filter hasn't been updated for a long time and might not work with latest versions of Windows and PhotoShop.
There is alternative software available: Stereographic Suite which includes Stereogram Generator, Texture Maker and Modeler.

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