Stereogram Links

Animated Stereograms
1.Animated Stereograms by 3Dimka Stereograms by 3Dimka
2.Animated Stereograms by Gene Levine Stereograms by Gene Levine
3.Animated Stereograms on YouTube Stereogram Playlist on
4.Stereo Polyhedra Stereogram animation (Object Array)

Stereogram Artists and Galleries
1.3D Stereogram Images stereogram gallery on
2.Alex Bondarenko 3D Stereo
3.Alex Shevchenko sight
4.Aniabeataa world by Aniabeataa
5.Barney Johnson http://www.3dwonderstuff.comCrosseyed Object Array Stereograms
6.Carlos Contrerashttp://www.3dreamagic.comMapped Textured Stereogram Hiden Image
7.Dmitriy Bessmertniy (3Dimka) images, Animations and online Games
8.Easy Stereogram Builderhttp://www.easystereogrambuilder.comStereogram gallery and online creation tool
9.Gary W. Priesterhttp://www.custom-stereograms.comCustom Stereograms
10.Gene Levine Stereo Stereograms
11.Hernán J. González by Hernán J. González
12.Jun Oi gallery by Jun Oi (Japan)
13.Philippe Coudray artistic stereogram drawing, no computer software was used, except for retouching.
14.S.O.Larsson's stereograms interesting stereograms
15.Stereograms of Indiahttp://www.magicvisionindia.comStereograms with oriental theme

Stereogram Forums and Discussion Groups
1.3D Single Image Stereograms (yahoo) 400+ members group at yahoo groups.
2.Stereogram community on LiveJournalhttp://3d_magic_eye.livejournal.comStereogram community (mostly Russian speaking)
3.Stereograms at group at (images)

Stereogram Games
1.3D Riddle 1 by Andy Giger through a number of pages by solving three-dimensional riddles
2.3D Riddle 2 by Andy Giger through a number of pages by solving three-dimensional riddles
3.3d stereogram Pong
4.Lutanho's Tetris Tetris by Lutanho
5.Quake II AbSIRD Full Quake II in SIRDS
6.Rabbit Maze, Puzzle Cube and IWISTER Wireframe Stereogram Games
7.Reveal Stereogramindex.php?id=revealReveal hidden image in stereogram using animation
8.SIRDS Ponglet is a Java applet that lets you play Pong in real-time SIRDS
9.Sirdslets side-scrolling game in which you move a space ship while you have to avoid several obstacles like mines or black holes.
10.Stereogram Maze the exit in labyrinth
11.Stereogram Pythongames_stereogram_python.phpControl python to collect food and avoid traps and deadends
12.Stereogram Tetrisgames_stereogram_tetris.phpStereogram Tetris by 3Dimka with Hi-Score Table

Stereogram Online Generators
1.ASCII Stereogram Generatorascii_text_stereogram_generator.phpGenerate text stereogram with online SIRTS generator
2.Easy Stereogram Builderhttp://www.easystereogrambuilder.comFree online Stereogram Maker
3.Message Stereogram Generatorindex.php?id=msg_genGenerate Hidden Image Stereogram from your text
4.Online Stereogram creator Stereogram creator by
5.Stereogram Paintgames_stereogram_paint.phpDraw your own stereogram online in just 5 minutes

Stereogram Products
1.BinaryPrintshttp://binaryprints.comOrder Stereogram Posters and Prints online
2.Eye Adventureshttp://eyeadventures.comPublishing 3D images for the world to enjoy
3.Magic Eyehttp://magiceye.comProducers of the Magic Eye® images that ignited the world-wide 3D craze of the 90's.


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