Stereogram Paint is amazing tool for drawing stereograms using just your mouse. Though it's very easy to use, it has advanced features for drawing shapes in 3D. Start with simple shapes, draw them on the black canvas using your mouse and then click the [Render] button. A graphical stereogram will be created in seconds with a hidden picture that you have drawn. Here are some instructions and features:

1. Background drop down list allows you to pick one of preset backgrounds.
2. Texture drop down allows you to pick a pattern.
3. Brush Type (Circle, Square, Dimond, RectX and RectY) changes the brush shape and the slider below changes the Brush size.
4. Edge Type (Plane, Sphere, Inset) changes the edge of the Brush and the slider below changes Edge size.
5. Depth slider changes current Z level of the brush.
6. Eraser checkbox switches the brush to erase mode (don't forget to pick a Depth).
7. Depth Increment changes Z Depth of the Brush while you draw. +/- slider sets the speed of change (angle in 3D).
8. If you need to reset Depth Increment - click the button next to it - [0].
9. Depth Pick button - [?] gets the depth from where you click - very convenient.
10. Unde/Redo buttons - 10 steps of Undo (a must feature in any editor).
11. Clear - erases whole scene.
12. Render - generates Stereogram. When you click on stereogram - you'll be switched back to editor mode.
13. Save button - download your Depth Map or Stereogram from.

Stereogram Paint:

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